Membership Information

Renewing your membership or joining WCAB is a great way to reconnect with Boston-area alumnae and to provide yourself with a wide variety of networking, social and service activities and events in the coming year. In addition to learning about what’s happening on campus, you’ll be able to experience many of Boston’s outstanding cultural and social venues with Wellesley women from all classes and walks of life.

Your membership dues depend on your class year and are payable at the time you initially join the group and upon each annual renewal of your membership. Membership will entitle you to attend most activities and events for either no charge or at a discounted price, with preference for popular or space-limited events.

Membership Dues

  •  $40  Regular Membership*
  • ‚Äč $80  Sponsoring Membership (optional, if you would like to support the group at a higher level)
  •  $25  Young Alumnae (graduates from the last 10 years)       
  •  Class of 2018 Free!
  •  Alumae of more than 50 years (graduates from 1969 and earlier). 

Optional Donations:    

  • $30 per Book - Book Awards   
  • $50 WCAB Scholarship Fund (suggested amount)    
*   Dues for gradutes from more than 50 years ago (classes 1968 and earlier) are optional.


Signing up is easy! We also provide forms at many of our events and activities, and you can always send us an email with any questions you have at

The “Frequently Asked Questions” below are answers to some common inquiries that we receive. We hope you find them helpful as you join WCAB or renew your  membership.

Explanation of Membership and FAQs

1. Do I need to renew my membership every year to maintain my status as a WCAB member?

Yes, even if the cost is $0. There are no lifetime memberships for WCAB.

2. What if I join or renew my membership midway through a membership year?

WCAB memberships are now rolling, running one year from the date of renewal. For example, if you join or renew on November 16, your membership is valid until the following November 16.

3. To whom should I make my membership dues check payable?

    Please make all checks payable to “WCAB”.
4. Where does the money from membership dues go?

    Your tax-deductible membership dues support WCAB in its mission to serve as a resource for Boston-area alumnae and enhance connections between       alumnae and Wellesley through, among other things, our programming, admissions efforts, and semiannual newsletter. Each additional dues-paying             member also allows us to increase our annual contribution to the WCAB Scholarship Fund, which helps support a local student attending Wellesley. We       couldn't do all of this without you!
5. What happens if I accidentally renew my membership and pay twice during the membership year?

    We encourage you to verify your membership status before renewing (see #8, below). All duplicate dues payments will be automatically applied to the         WCAB Scholarship Fund, which provides assistance to a local young woman attending Wellesley College. If you have any questions or concerns on             duplicate payments, please contact our Treasurer at

6. Where do I send the check?

    Please send all membership dues to:

            WCAB Membership

             332 Jamaicaway Unit 5 Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

7. Can I pay my membership dues via PayPal?
No, WCAB does not have a method for accepting dues through PayPal. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

8. Can I check to see if I'm already a member or if my membership is still valid?
If you are logged into the My Wellesley Community, you can check your membership status at any time by going to the “Welcome, Name!” tab, and choose My Account from the dropdown menu. If you have any questions regarding your membership status, please email: