Co-Coordinator of the Cambridge / Boston Book Club

Interested in helping to coordinate the Cambridge / Boston book club?
The main responsibilities are monthly:

  • secure host & location
  • send meeting info to webmistress with book image
  • create and send an email with web registration link to mailing list
  • post info to facebook group
  • fetch rsvp list from website
  • send reminders to attendees
  • send attendee info to host
  • add info to spreadsheet for historical purposes

With some periodically needs:

  • add attendees to mailing list
  • process remove requests from mailing list
  • contact authors to invite to meetings


  • solicit book nominations from members
  • compile nominee info 
  • send nominations to book selection attendees
  • set book schedule for forthcoming year

If you are interested, Contact Tracy Kukkonen, tkukkonen < at >