Race, Racism and the Work of Racial Justice. Hosted by the Wellesley Racial Justice Initiative

You are invited to join an open discussion to explore the most pressing issues of our time: where do I fit in the “story of race” personally, socially and politically? Come explore the issues with one another and contribute your ideas to the design of Wellesley Racial Justice Initiative projects - imagining how 35,000 Wellesley women can bring about positive change in our lifetimes. We will discuss our experiences of race while at Wellesley and in the years since graduation, and share our ideas for how to mobilize the resources and influence of the Wellesley Alumnae network (and the women they know!) to spark real change in race relations and equity across our country.
Cost: Free
Location: The Home of Quiana Agbai in Hyde Park
Time: 2-4pm on May 20th 2018