WANTED: Social Media Coordinator

The Wellesley College Alumnae of Boston is looking for an alum to become the Social Media Coordinator for the Communications Committee. This role will allow you to connect with fellow alums and help craft the club's image and communcations across our social media channels.

The WCAB Communications Committee uses a variety of media channels to communicate with Boston alumnae. Your role as the Social Media Coordinator on the committee will allow you to work alongside the Communications Chairwoman, the Webmistress, the eBlast Coordinator (our bi-monthly email newsletter), and the Newsletter Chairwoman. 

Take on a leadership position that allows you to help craft this new role for club!  You will have responsibility for managing the club's Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter accounts (which are not being actively used today) to communicate with and connect Boston-area alumnae with each other. Responsibilities include sharing club events, sharing relevant news, coordinating with the other Communications Commitee members to ensure consistent and efficient communications, managing conversations that happen on social media, reviewing invitations from alums who want to join/follow our social media accounts, and fielding questions/comments received via social media. 

This role will require experience with social media, a few hours of work per week, and the ability to respond quickly to comments/questions on social media.

If you are interested, please contact the Communications Chair Sara de Zarraga at saradezarraga@gmail.com.