WCAB Career Exchange - Banish Burnout: Become "Stress" Smart with Dr. Kristina Hallett '84

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When: 1/27/2020 6:30:00 PM 8:00:00 PM

Where: Wayfair Corporate Office, 4 Copley Place, Boston - Dormer Room (Tower T4-1st floor)

Cost: Members and non-members welcome! Tickets are $15 (refreshments)

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Questions? Contact Stephanie Hessler at Stephanie@StephanieHesslerCoach.com

WCAB Career Exchange - Banish Burnout: Become “Stress Smart” with Dr. Kristina Hallett ’84

The WCAB Career Exchange is a new forum launching for the exchange of ideas, information, leads and contacts around alumnae careers.

Come join us in January to tackle common issues in career development – dealing with stress, multiple roles and responsibilities, and not enough time or energy for self-care, with speaker and Wellesley alumna Dr Kristina Hallett ’84.  Dr. Kristina Hallett is a Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach, Author, TEDx Speaker, and Associate Professor of Psychology at Bay Path University with over 25 years of experience working with organizations and individuals.

Kristina will share specific, practical, easy-to-implement exercises and practices, integrating evidence-based psychological principles with an understanding of the newest findings in neuroscience and mind-body medicine.

This presentation describes an approach to living through changes in mindset, perspective, core beliefs and everyday practices. Participants will discover a clear pathway to re-thinking stress and utilize their unique talents and skills to enhance resilience, resulting in improved relationships, communication and performance. Imagine? Making stress work FOR you, rather than against you?

Takeaways from this session:

• Understand the mechanisms of stress response and how to harness the positive power of stress
• Defining and understanding the importance of self-care
• Learn easy to implement techniques for meditation and mindfulness
• Increase decision-making and implementation, without falling into the trap of "procrastination by perfection”

Come prepared to learn practical steps to make stress work for you!