WCAB Career Exchange -  Hidden Key to Success: Project Your Best

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When: 3/26/2020 6:30:00 PM 8:00:00 PM

Where: Wayfair Corporate Office, 4 Copley Place, Boston - Dormer Room (Tower 4, Floor 1)

Cost: Members and non-members welcome! Tickets are $15 (refreshments)

Tickets: Purchase your ticket here!
Questions? Contact Stephanie Hessler at Stephanie@StephanieHesslerCoach.com

WCAB Career Exchange – Hidden Key to Success: Project Your Best with stylist Yelena Perchenok
The WCAB Career Exchange is a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, leads and contacts around alumnae careers.
Come join us in March in Copley Place to learn how your personal style - your clothes and accessories - can move you forward or hold you back. You’ll learn about achieving a pulled-together look and projecting your best image professionally with stylist Yelena Perchenok of Glamour On A Budget. By daytime, Yelena is a quality engineer, but her true love is being a stylist and shopping assistant. Passionate about helping people feel happy and confident, Yelena will share strategies for presenting a polished, professional and confident image.
Key takeaways from this session:

    Understand the power of first impressions

    Workplace Do's and Don’ts

    Capture the power of style to your advantage

    Be comfortable in your clothes: define your style

    Stand out from a crowd: self-expression

    Improve your wardrobe without breaking the bank