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WCAB Regular Membership
  Description:  WCAB Regular Membership
Membership price:  $40.00

WCAB Young Alumnae Membership
  Description:   WCAB Young Alumnae (Classes of 2008-2017) Membership
Membership price:  $25.00

Class of 2018 WCAB Membership
  Description:  Class of 2018 WCAB Membership
Membership price:  $0.00

WCAB Scholarship Fund
  Description:  $50 WCAB Scholarship Fund (suggested amount)
Membership price:  $50.00

Class of 1969 and prior years
  Description:  Class of 1969 and prior years
Membership price:  $0.00

Sponsoring Membership
  Description:  Option for alums who want to contribute higher amount to support club
Membership price:  $80.00